Friday, April 5, 2013

Heads of the State

Back in February we posted about an amazing event we attended (in conjunction with RMI of Maryland and the Towson University Object Lab) where we had the opportunity to 3D face scan the Maryland Legislature with our ShapeShot system. We spent the day scanning over 200 elected officials and staff, making the Maryland Legislature the first in the nation to have their heads 3D scanned. 

As of Friday, March 29th they are also the first in the nation to be 3D printed! Last week, Mike Galiazzo of RMI presented the legislators with the 3D printed versions of their heads, created from our ShapeShot data.

According to RMI, "The goal was to get legislators involved in promoting the new "face" of manufacturing and to learn about 3D scanning, designing and printing" and this event has definitely gotten our lawmakers excited about 3D scanning and rapid manufacturing/3D printing in Maryland!