Friday, November 14, 2008

DDI Creates Models for AFL Commercial

On Tuesday, November 11, commercial editing studio Eye Candy visited Direct Dimensions. They had been tapped by the Arena Football League (AFL) to create a 30-second commercial advertising the sports franchise. Eye Candy plans to include an 8-second digital animation during the spot, which will feature fifteen football players in a packed arena. To do that, they require the most precise digital models featuring both exact detail and true-to-life textures.

In order to capture the data that would be needed to make these models, DDI scanned Eye Candy’s actor, in full AFL uniform, with our most accurate digitizers over the course of four hours and 50 total scans.

After a rapid turn-around of one week, DDI will deliver to Eye Candy high-resolution textured polygonal models that they can then use to create their animations. Be sure to check back soon to see the finished commercial!