Thursday, January 31, 2013

Go Ravens! Replicating Ray Lewis

Like the rest of Maryland, we currently have Raven Fever. With our team heading to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans we are full of hometown pride!

Linebacker Ray Lewis, drafted in the Ravens inaugural year of 1996, will be retiring this year, playing his last game this weekend in New Orleans. A previous Super Bowl MVP, two-time defensive player of the year and thirteen time Pro-bowler, we Baltimoreans would love to be able to replicate Ray.

While we can't replicate him on the field, a few years ago Direct Dimensions did have the chance to create a digital double of Mr. Lewis.

Why did we scan Ray Lewis? We helped create a marble bust as an auction item for his annual charity auction event.

We used the Konica Minolta scanner to create this incredibly life-like sculpture of Ray, using 3D laser scanning to capture his exact shape.

The raw 3D data was modeled into a file that was suitable for 3D printing which was used to fabricate a plastic mold.

We then reverse molded this in marble, polished it, and mounted on a wood base. The bust was a hit at the auction and raised $7,000.00 for charity.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Project Snapshot: Scanning a Stradivarius

Direct Dimensions' modeler Michelle Craft uses a Faro Scan Arm to digitally document a Stradivarius Violin. Stay tuned for more on this exciting project.