Sunday, February 28, 2010

3D Scanning Newsletter - February

Case studies this month include:

3D Scanning Helps USA Luge Improve Aerodynamics
- When the USA Luge Team needed 3D models of their sleds for virtual wind tunnel testing, they turned to the team at Direct Dimensions. Using a Konica Minolta Vivid and Faro Arm scanners, DDI not only captured the sleds, but also several athletes to create accurate 3D CAD models for each. Supported with high powered CFD software from the aerospace industry, the US Luge team and their supporters performed complex airflow analysis to minimize drag.

Giant Olympic Sculpture Brought to Life - One of our first 3D projects way back in 1995 was to use the FaroArm to digitize a sculpture model for the 1996 Olympics Games in Atlanta. The 3D data was required for structural analysis. Here’s the classic story about how we first applied an industrial 3D measurement tool to the fabrication of art, something we still do regularly today.

We also highlight the Surphaser HSX Spherical Scanner. If you haven't yet seen this amazing scanner, make sure to check it out. It is the only mid-range scanner on the market; with accuracy great for cars to airplanes!

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Direct Dimensions Employee Volunteers in Haiti

Direct Dimensions Digital Modeler (and amazing volunteer!) Jessica Brodsky recently spent time volunteering with the Relief Foundation in Haiti. Her time was spent distributing medical supplies and working with children at hospitals and an orphanage. She also used her artistic skills to help create a mural in the hospital cafeteria.

We're proud to have Jessie as a member of our Direct Dimensions team!


Monday, February 1, 2010

3D Scanning Newsletter - January

January's newsletter has been sent out and is also posted on our website.

Articles for January include:

Scanning the Matisses: By special permission, this story presents our work with museum conservators at the Baltimore Museum of Art on the origin of several Matisse sculptures. The story features many of the compelling images we created from our 3D laser analysis of the shape of the sculptures and included in the publication and travelling museum exhibit ”Matisse: Painter as Sculptor.”

Jersey City Reservoir 3 Restoration: Constructed from 1871-1874, Jersey City’s Reservoir Number Three is important both for its historical structures and waterworks as well as for its status as the site of a burgeoning urban eco-system. Direct Dimensions 3D laser scanned and imaged the Reservoir's structures to assist in the restoration process.