Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Note from Michael Raphael

Direct Dimensions, Inc. began offering portable 3D measurement services in the spring of 1995. At that time, 3D industrial measurement technology was in its infancy as portable computing power was just beginning to develop. Somewhere around then we got our first laptop – hardly even a computer much less a laptop by today’s standards!

Having helped develop a revolutionary new industrial 3D measurement device called the Faro Arm in the early 90’s, I was inspired to start this company dedicated to the application of advanced 3D measurement technologies for a wide variety of uses. More than a company, we strove to create an environment which inspired innovation and development; a place where our employees, as well as our customers and vendors would embrace the challenge of implementing new technologies.

Year after year, together, we have pushed the limits of a broadening range of 3D technologies to solve increasingly complex problems for an expanding spectrum of industries and applications. Today we can look back at our portfolio of thousands of such projects – all contributing to a body of knowledge within our company that I feel is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Fifteen years ago we started with a single Faro Arm. Shortly after that we added a Kreon laser line scanner. Since then we have continued to add new tools for solving 3D problems of nearly every size and shape. Our company has essentially evolved into a working R&D lab, outfitted with advanced equipment and talented employees all underwritten by the services and products we provide to our customers.

As we continue to take on new challenges, new employees, and new equipment, we will continue to discover better ways to solve 3D problems. Projects that were unimaginable 15 years ago and nearly impossible 10 years ago, we can now accomplish in hours. Our innovation and perseverance have allowed us to expand our customer base beyond our original aerospace roots. We now provide fast, affordable, and accurate 3D scanning and modeling services to virtually all industries, including art, architecture, consumer products, the medical field, and the entertainment industry.

Beyond our little 3D industry, recent innovations in social media now allow us to keep in better contact with our admirers. The creation of YouTube and SlideShare offer excellent platforms to showcase our highly visual projects and presentations. We also send out regular newsletters, have a company blog, and we even tweet!

A special thank you to our many wonderful customers, vendors, and employees who have helped make the last 15 years so successful. We look forward to the next 15!

Michael Raphael,
Founder, President & Chief Engineer, Direct Dimensions, Inc.