Friday, August 13, 2010

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About 3D Scanning: Downstream Applications


Yesterday we began discussing downstream applications for digital models. Today's downstream application is Reverse Engineering.

While Reverse Engineering as a process was covered in Chapter 4, it is also an application that is particularly useful in the Aerospace/Defense and Industrial Design industries. With a Reverse Engineered model you can make engineering and design changes of your part or object in a variety of ways or use it for specific types of analysis:

* Add or subtract design features to the existing part or object
* Use as a base model to design a new part or object
* Use model for FEA and similar analyses

A good example of this is an aging aircraft job that we worked on. For this job we laser scanned the existing pressure seals on the rear cargo door of several c-2 aircraft. The scan data was analyzed to re-design the seals based on the actual "as-is" door conditions. This process provided for accurate manufacturing and installation of the new seals. You can read more about this particular project on our website.

You can see an example of scanning an aircraft for FEA analysis below: