Monday, January 17, 2011

3D Imaging Technologies Webinar for APMM Members

Direct Dimensions is sponsoring a webinar for APMM this Wednesday, January 19th:
"3D Imaging Technologies to Help the Model Making Process".

There will be two available webinar sessions: 12 & 3 pm EST Wednesday January, 19th. If interested please contact!

3D laser scanning is a vital tool in every craftperson's tool box. Even if you don't use this technology, being aware of its capabilities will equip you to know when to use and who to call for such services and products.

We will discus various 3D imaging and scanning tools and the conversion of collected raw "point cloud" data into high-quality industrial 3D CAD models, for rapid prototyping via additive manufacturing or 5-axis milling.

Join APMM for this educational webinar on 3D imaging as applied to model making!