Monday, January 23, 2012

3D Scan of MLK Memorial Helps Create a Beautiful Commercial

When VFX firm MassMarket was creating their "Table of Brotherhood" commercial for Chevrolet they needed footage of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC. The monument however, had not yet been unveiled.
So how could they create the necessary footage when there was nothing to film?
Through the magic of film (and 3D scanning and modeling)!
With our long history of working with scale models and artists' maquettes, Direct Dimensions and our 3D laser scanning technology were the perfect fit to help with this problem.
We scanned and modeled an approximately 4 foot tall scale model of the Memorial. With the file created MassMarket was able to insert an exact digital copy of the final 30 foot monument.
See the final ad below (the 3D model appears at approximately 21 seconds in).



Dan said...

There are really a lot of different applications for 3d scanning and laser scanning. This is a great example of the capabilities.