Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January/February Newsletter

Before we begin sharing amazing new projects in 2012, we decided to take a quick look back at some of the best stories and blog posts from 2011. In the first newsletter of the year members of our staff share their favorites.

Michael's Pick: Scanning Beams from the World Trade Center for the 9/11 Memorial of Maryland.

Charlie's Pick: We scanned a half finished structure for a new Medical Center to help create a Building Information Model (BIM).

Mike's Pick: Since introducing Mantis Vision's F5 we've used it for a host of applications -- scanning movie sets, people, vehicles, and especially facilities. This article discusses utilizing the F5 scanner for scanning structures and facilities.

Harry's Pick: The Andy Monument project is a great example of using body scanning, high-resolution scanning, digital portrait sculpting, and artist-directed model modifications in a sculptural project.

Sara's Pick: To create the Emeco 111 Navy chair, we laser scanned the famous classic Navy chair to aid in the creation of a new mold. With a new mold, Emeco was able to create a version of the iconic chair created from recycled Coke bottles.

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