Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Direct Dimensions in LiDAR News: 3D Imaging Provides Just the Touch for Museums

Direct Dimensions President Michael Raphael is a regular contributor to LiDAR News.

His most recent contribution tells the story of a very cool project we worked on where our team helped the Walters Art Museum create an exhibit where museum goers could actually touch the sculptures. From LiDAR News:

 There is no question that museums are expressing strong interest in the use of 3D.  Those of us that follow tech news feeds are seeing near daily examples of museums around the world using 3D scanning to document all kinds of collection items from prehistoric natural artifacts to man-made modern sculpture.

There is perhaps no better example of museum-based 3D scanning then my friends at The Smithsonian, becoming known affectionately as “the two laser cowboys”, Vince Rossi and Adam Metallo.  Well let’s face it, when The Smithsonian does it, it gets attention.

Here is a story about a project we participated in that went beyond just the scanning.  This project went full circle to the fabrication of accurate physical reproductions of the items using 3D printing – still a bit new to the museums, but growing fast.  For some reason, the idea of actually making copies of precious artifacts evokes fears of fraud and abuse, which to me is misguided relative to the tremendous benefits.

Read the rest of the story in the latest LiDAR News newsletter. 



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