Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Call for Papers: CMSC

The CMS Announces Their “Call for Papers" for the 2013 CMSC in San Diego, CA
Abstract Submission Deadline:  March 15, 2013

CMSC is holding its 29th annual technical conference and exhibition in San Diego in July 2013. This technical conference focusing on portable 3D coordinate measurement metrology, provides a professional venue where ideas, concepts and theory flow freely among participants from around the world. Unlike a typical trade show, the focus at CMSC is on education through various technical presentations and workshops. The educational atmosphere encourages attendees to network and learn about the latest innovations in the field of portable 3D industrial measurement technologies and is a great opportunity to share your expertise with your colleagues.

Direct Dimensions' President, Michael Raphael, is serving in his 4th year as a member of the elected fully-volunteer Executive Committee of the CMSC. His primary duty for this year's conference is the overall organization of the CMSC Technical Presentations and Workshops.

From the CMS:
"The organization welcomes abstracts for presentations and technical papers submitted by metrology professionals from leading manufacturers, science laboratories, and academia. Suggested topics include industry best practices, scientific research and developments, and successful applications of 3D coordinate measurement systems. The CMSC is the only North American conference dedicated solely to users of portable, high-precision measurement technology used to inspect manufactured and assembled components on the factory floor." 

Please consider submitting an abstract for this excellent conference!