Monday, November 4, 2013

Michael's Latest Column: Laser Scanning Museum Sculpture for Three-Dimensional Research

Direct Dimensions' President and founder, Michael Raphael, is a regular contributor to LiDAR News. LiDAR News is a fantastic newsletter dedicated to all things 3D scanning and LiDAR. As an industry expert with over 20 years of experience, Michael regularly shares his thoughts on the state of 3D (scanning and printing) and also frequently discusses up and coming applications for 3D scanning.

From his latest piece :
Three-dimensional scanning technologies have been utilized in industry for over twenty years but are increasingly used in many other fields.  One of the exciting, perhaps unanticipated, uses of 3D measurement tools has been their adoption by museums for sculpture conservation, research, and interactive exhibits.
3D scanning is a perfect fit for documenting museum pieces.  Museums, for example, typically have pieces that cannot or should not be touched, yet present tremendous opportunity for study, documentation, interactive presentation, or for scaled or one-to-one reproductions.  The great news is that with a single 3D scan, all of the above can be achieved without direct physical contact with the original work of art.

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