Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3D Scanning Faces and Figures

Looking back through the month it seems that so many of the projects we've recently completed  involved scanning faces and figures. Our scans have recently been used for movie special effects, to help create better equipment for US Olympians, to support a major fashion label, to create prosthetic limbs and even to digitally document some incredible costumes at a recent convention.

At Direct Dimensions we've steadily augmented our toolbox with several excellent technologies for 3D scanning faces and figures, including our ShapeShot system and proprietary full body scanner. It is incredible to see how far we've come in just a few years.

For example, several years ago we scanned Kelly Ripa and were featured on Live with Regis and Kelly. Compare the print of her on the left ( which was featured again on Kelly and Michael just a few weeks ago) with the recent scan and print of up and coming designer Telfar Clemens of TELFAR (below).

Today, with a broad range of fully portable equipment, Direct Dimensions can laser scan live faces and full bodies and quickly deliver an exact 3D model.

These models can be used by medical professionals, designers, vfx artists, sculptors and retailers to create exact digital replicas of the scanees. Check out our website for more examples of face and figure scanning by Direct Dimensions and ShapeShot.