Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3D Fashion Adventure

Photographed by Beau Sam
You often read about fashion applications for 3D printing: a recent Miss America contestant wore 3D printed shoes, Dita Von Teese wore a 3D printed dress, and 3D printed Angel Wings featured heavily in a Victoria's Secret fashion show last year. There are other applications that are tantalizingly close to showing up in your nearest mall but don't necessarily receive as much press; these applications tend to revolve around the use of 3D scanners and garment personalization.

Photographed by Beau Sam
When launched it's new website this month they decided to do a piece that highlighted the future of 3D scanning and printing in fashion. Rather than just showing the usual 3D printed accessories they came up with an incredible photo shoot featuring dozens of 3D prints of supermodel Karlie Kloss.

But before you can have a 3D print, you have to have a 3D file. So Vogue contacted Direct Dimensions to scan Ms. Kloss with our 360 body scanner. After scanning the model in over a dozen ensembles, we modeled the data into files suitable for 3D printing. Those prints were then sent all over the world and photographed.

Visit to see the photographs and read the article:

Envisioning the Future of 3-D Fashion: Welcome to the Virtual Dressing Room