Tuesday, March 31, 2015

20th Anniversary: 1998-2003

Last week we began tweeting an image/year a day (@dirdim, #DDI20) in honor of our upcoming 20th anniversary. You can revisit the first few days here or on twitter.  As promised, we're recapping on our blog for those who don't tweet. So without further ado - Direct Dimensions 1998-2003.

1998 - we scanned an original Wright Brothers Propeller for an episode of NOVA. You can read more about the Wright Brothers Scan on our website.

1999 - We began using 3D scanners to help create custom prostheses. For more click here.

2000 - Our 5th year, we were already 3D scanning complex castings for CAD-based dimensional inspection.
2001 - The National Park Service asked Direct Dimensions to demonstrate how 3D scanning can help preserve our nation's monuments and important sites. We scanned the Lincoln Memorial as an example.
2002 - We 3D scanned a unique life-size sculpture inspired by Renoir to make a monumental scaled version.
2003 - Direct Dimensions digitally captured Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis to help make a lifesized bust for a charity auction.

Check back this weekend for 2004-2010 or follow us on twitter to see #DDI20 images daily!



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