Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aerospace Measurement, Inspection & Analysis Conference Presentation

As we mentioned previously, Direct Dimensions will be presenting twice at the Aerospace Measurement, Inspection & Analysis Conference.

The first presentation will take place Wednesday, September 30 and will talk about tips for processing massive data sets. See below for a description of the presentation:

Dense 3D Scan Point Cloud Processing Software Review
Michael Raphael, Direct Dimensions
With the advent of higher powered 3D scanners comes the challenge of dealing with the dense point cloud data sets. Direct Dimensions uses a wide variety of 3D scanning equipment to capture the as-built shape of existing objects. The common problem with all of these projects is the need to process the point cloud data. While applications fall generally into either reverse engineering and inspection, both directions present challenges for processing the large data sets efficiently, quickly, and properly. This presentation will focus on an overview of the software tools available commercially that address these problems with a comparison of the various workflows, strategies, and results that one can expect from the various solutions.